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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ways to Prevent Drug Addiction

The longer allowed to abuse to continue, the more difficult and comprehensive must be the ultimate treatment.
After an alcohol or drug abuse, a level of dependency is reached, there are some some simple ways to abstinence, and better living conditions almost always need professional help and change a firm and life commitment to sobriety, but if abuse is not addiction, there is a narrow window in which a very intensive and can provide very minimal intervention short of great help.

What is a brief intervention?
A brief intervention is simply an informal meeting between a person to abuse (but not yet fallen on alcohol or drugs) to a person of authority, in the ideal case are known and the perpetrators.
A doctor, a trusted therapist or other known and respected professional can do a lot. The meeting is simply a brief expression of concern about the level of abuse and a meeting of education as to the dangers of continued abuse. Usually some reading material for later reading, and included the doctor or consultant will follow up by e-mail follow in the days and weeks.
It is so simple, but studies show that these kind of meetings have a powerful effect, and for a lot of people, this brief encounter and expression of the concern is enough to affect a change in behavior and a reduction in the use and abuse .
Do not wait
It is not required for everyone, but it helps enough people to make it worthwhile, and it is going much easier than expected on Drug Abuse, and at this point far more intense and disruptive treatments for improvement of the problem.
If you someone to abuse of drugs or alcohol, and you know, seemingly addicted at risk for addiction, but not yet, you should for a brief intervention is. It can not work, but if it does, it is the simplest way to improve the situation.
Sometimes a brief intervention can range from a family member or friend concerned enough to affect change, but studies show that when an authoritative figure, perfectly well known and trusted, delivers the intervention, the results are better.
We have always reluctant to get involved, and watch as spectators use, abuse and drug abuse. It goes against our better nature in the personal affairs of another to interfere, but if the use of so high and the pain of addiction loom act out of concern and compassion, and engage the right thing to do.

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