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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stop drug abuse and addiction

Many different factors lead to drug abuse to rise and fall, but if young people the message that drugs are dangerous, they get less likely to use them. Therefore, an effort is made to be shown to young people on the dangers of drug abuse and addiction must. Parents, teachers, doctors, and all must work together to prevent drug abuse and addiction by teaching young people the possible consequences. Effects of drug abuse and addiction
Drugs contain chemicals that the brain's ability to communicate with the rest of the body and data that will affect the brain process. Drugs do this in a different in two ways: by mimicking the chemicals in the brain naturally creates and causes an overproduction of the reward chemical in the brain.
Marijuana and heroin are drugs from chemicals, much like the neurotransmitter in the brain, the messages are made to the body. If you use this drug, trick chemicals they contain the neurons and receptors in the brain in the release of chemicals in the brain, resulting in an unusual message sent or the chemicals, all messages from beings are ever sent. Cocaine and methamphetamine also affects the amount of neurotransmitter that is released and that causes the neurons fire without stopping.
increase drugs of any kind have some effect on the brain known as reward system that the amount of dopamine is released that means. Dopamine is usually free of course and you feel good. Too much dopamine causes unusual thoughts and behaviors than people feel euphoric. People then come to rely on the drugs to these feelings of euphoria, to get, which Causes of drug abuse and addiction.
The brain can not get the normal amount of dopamine, if you use drugs so without drugs, you do not need to feel those good feelings as normal. People who use drugs to keep more and more to try to feel good. This explains, drug abuse and addiction.
If the people of drug abuse and addiction suffer for a long time, their whole brain is affected. Neurotransmitters such as glutamate, which is part of the reward system, and helps you learn, can be altered and weakened if it drug abuse. The brain can not work, and the person may be cognitively impaired.
Drug abuse and dependence cause learning, an addict will crave the drug when he conditioned in a situation that is associated with drug use means. If you are the brain of someone who is looking for abused drugs, you will see that his brain is not functioning well in areas that get to make it good judgments, to help make good decisions, things and remember things. He also has trouble controlling his behavior. All this episode even worse drug abuse and dependence over time if nothing is done to stop it.

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