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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Assistance to patients from drug withdrawal

Drug rehabilitation and society

A look at our society today, one can only hope that one day, problems like these will eventually go the annals of history. Children about the harmful effects of drug overdose and the opportunities for disengagement have been taught from drug addiction, but no one seems to care. At home, parents have been to redouble their efforts to understand their children that nothing good comes of it drug addiction. Similarly, the government is spending a large part of the state budget to combat drug addiction, but the same is in vain.   What went wrong? Who is responsible for all this be done? Look around and you will realize how much influence media has in today's generation. We see them on television, read about them in newspapers and talk about it during the lunch break. Celebrities, rock stars, athletes and other personalities who have graced our screen are the same people who look our children as role models. No wonder, are they in binge drinking, cocaine and a host of other exhilarating activities.
Although this come through with reality shows, the addiction to and withdrawal from drugs, not much has changed addressed. In fact, the numbers are rising in an alarming state. It has been a part of our everyday lives. These people might even our friends, neighbors, classmates, and worse of all, our family. But the trend. Even though so much about the people ever reported for drug addiction in prison and in the hospital for trying to withdraw from the drug, no one seems to care.
On a separate note pharmaceutical companies have also captured the phenomenon. The market has been flooded with the very strong stimulants, sleeping pills, stress pills, painkillers and more. Their advertising is very effective people are encouraged to try these products. Sometimes, people have become slaves these pills. Once connected, it is very difficult to remove. In the same way, in a drug withdrawal can be very depressing and life-threatening. But that is when you work in the business primarily as a lucrative and sophisticated as pharmaceutical industry.
Drug addiction is widespread and that must be stopped. Makes it useless and a problem for society.

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