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Friday, April 15, 2011

The History of Cocaine

Author: reisakti

I've explained before about what is cocaine? And what is crack cocaine? And will be incomplete if I did not explain about the history of cocaine. Actual history of cocaine varies, but I will describe by dividing into two versions of the first version and second version. The first version describes the history of cocaine on the development of ideas, and technology is still minimal, then the second version is that when people are familiar with technology.

The first version of the history of cocaine

In the history of this first version of cocaine I would like to list a history of very long ago when humans are not familiar with technology and are still adapting the mystical world. Ancient times in India there is a belief that coca is considered as the god of virtue. Coca considered a sacred goddess that could give happiness and tranquility in the soul. In the history explained that prior to harvest coca farmers have to sleep with a woman so that coca crops are in good condition and in a comfortable mood. Usually when sleeping with a woman, the farmer will mix potions coca and saliva to rub into the male organ in order to prolong the erotic passion. Coca leaves are chewed for social, mystical, medicinal and religious. Coca is the adorable time traveler illustrates that even a travel size is determined from the amount of coca is chewed by these tourists.

Different with the Indians residing in South America, they used cocaine, or it could be called erythroxylum coca leaves (coca erythroxylum) for at least 5000 (five thousand) years. Original habitat coca does not require irrigation and can grow coca plants in hot and dry weather. Despite that coca leaf can be harvested several times a year. indian tribes in the trust chew coca leaves to contact the world of spirits. In the other belief that when we chew coca leaves or coca smoking can make a strong body. The body becomes stronger due to absorb the magical powers of the coca plant who can protect the body is also the spirit.
When the coca leaf was brought to England at the beginning of the 19th century by the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew were not able to grow coca leaves because the place does not match the coca plant.

The second version of the history of cocaine

In 1860 a scientist named Albert Niemann chemical found active ingredients called alkaloids from the coca plant. Albert Niemann then gives the name of cocaine. By Albert cocaine provides a feeling of great happiness to its users, how cocaine dopmain blocking reuptake of neurotransmitters into the midbrain. After Albert doing synthesis, eventually cocaine into various shapes for example a powder which will be mixed with wine or smoking. Cocaine has also been used as an antidote of morphine addiction. Unfortunately, most patients combine smoking with wine as an antidote to morphine. Even a scientist named freud said that cocaine was "a miracle drug." he even wrote a song of praise to respect and practiced widely for the experiment itself. To Sherlock Holmes' cocaine is so transcendental stimulating and clarifying to the mind that the secondary action is a matter of a small moment. "

Along with the development of the era and the world already know about the technology, then cocaine began to become a commercial. Coca-producing countries are Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Indonesia, Nigeria, Malaysia and Japan. Coca trade is not the first time in Columbia but in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Cocaine trafficking enterprise was first in the form in 1910 that included the famous pharmaceutical giant Merck, Sandoz and Hoffman-LaRoche. Then, however, a very large production occurs in clandestine laboratories in South America. Then since 1980, cocaine became a producer of foreign exchange poor countries in South America and culminating in 2000 in South America had exported 1000 tons of refined cocaine.

In the same year millions of Americans who still lay and innocent introduced to cocaine or more trends called "decocainised" and south America, which supplies "tea cocaine" across America, unlike in Peru, coca cultivation into a legal and authorized by the government but cocaine only produced for pharmaceutical needs. Under the control of the government called "National Interprise of Coca", in expanding coca marketing and product diversification, the "National Interprise of Coca" promoting the benefits of coca in the form of traditional healthy drink. The development of coca tea and growing very rapidly in North America, lemon grass and other flavors are added to satisfy American tastes. Soon mate de coca could be bought in tea-shops and grocery stores in U.S. cities. When the consumption of low doses of cocaine to drink tea is very refreshing and gives a happy feeling. It caused a dose each tea bag is only 5 milligrams of course. With current developments tea cocaine become illegal in America. thank's for read the history of cocaine

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