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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Alcoholism Rehab in a Natural Way

 Author: Alex Gates

Here we talk about the natural therapies in place at alcoholism rehab centers, and which are used to cleanse the body of an alcohol addict. These therapies remove the damaging toxins brought in and retained by the body through over use of alcohol.

Long periods of sobriety have been achieved by many addicts using these natural therapies and who have been convinced of their good effect. The natural therapies recommended herein join hands with proven alcoholism rehab methods in dealing with alcohol addiction, and are a great resource in the restoration of the physical well being of the addict.

Changes in the Diet
The preliminary step in starting alcoholism rehab is to stop the consumption of alcohol by the addict. The process of rehabilitation by healing therapy is actually improved on and sped up by this stoppage of alcohol consumption and also increases the possibility of total body and health restoration.

The replacement of alcohol by the provision of vegetables and fruits that will form the basis of an organic diet must now occur. Theses fruit and vegetables will support and intensify the alcoholism rehab process and will actually help remove toxins.

The consumption of refined sugar must be banned or at least greatly reduced, and this reduction will support the blood chemistry retain its balance with sugar.

Exercise & Exertion

Actual physical exertions exemplified by Yoga, Pilates, and other such exercises are very useful in this process of alcoholism rehab and will aid the whole body. These physical exertions support and aid the creation of very strong contacts between body and mind. This contact or connection is vital in an individual's realization of the harmfulness of high levels of alcohol intake and will support the attempts of the alcoholism rehab program to eliminate the habit.

Water & Vitamins
Adequate hydration is most vital in persons going through alcoholism rehab and they are advised and requested to consume at least eight glasses of water daily. Apart from hydration, the consumption of more water aids in the removal of toxins from the physical system of the addict and supports the correct whole body functioning.

The patient may suffer nutritional short comings and deficiencies during the process of alcoholism rehab. It is most vital that the person going through alcoholism rehab be given and actually takes vitamins in pill form to avoid these shortcomings and thus aid the build up of physical strength of the person.

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