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Sunday, April 17, 2011

The dangers of the narcotic drug Ecstasy

Author: argiro.mike

If you were to ask members of the general public what sort of drugs they know about and what ones are commonly used by younger people, it is likely that ecstasy would feature very highly in any answers given by people. This is because this drug is highly associated with music and youth culture, giving it a very high presence and ensuring that public awareness of the drug abuse is extremely high. There is no doubt that a number of high profile casualties linked to the drug has also ensured it has a high awareness level for many people who would not normally know too much about drugs. There are obviously a number of reasons why people think ecstasy is a great product to use, which is why so many users use it every weekend but it is fair to say that there are many negative points about the drug use too.

The main reason that many users take ecstasy is because of the euphoric lift it gives them and the way it can positively add to an evening out whilst living to loud music. However, the obvious and apparent negative factor about this issue is that what must go up will always come down. There is a massive come down element attached to ecstasy use which causes great problems for many people.

There is a common factor referred to as the Monday or Tuesday blues where a person who took the drug at the weekend will feel extremely low on these evenings. This is their body reacting to the euphoria they felt at the weekend and being unable to maintain that high level of excitement. This has led to a higher number of suicides amongst the younger generation, which is obviously a massive negative issue. This is extremely true for people who may experience depression or slight mental health problems as they would be affected on a greater level. Unfortunately, people who are depressed may be more attracted to the world of ecstasy use as a way of cheering themselves up and it can work on a small level but it may lead to a worrying comedown at a later date.

There is also the problem of people not taking enough water whilst using Ecstasy which may see them become dehydrated when using the product. On the other hand though, there is also the fact that people may take on too much water whilst taking ecstasy and this caused a number of deaths over the years too. This makes it extremely difficult to judge how much water a person should take, common results say about one litre per hour but when you are enjoying yourselves on a night out, it can be hard to judge how much water you are taking on board. This unknown element is a major concern that comes along with taking this form of drug and has led to many problems for many people. There is no doubt that ecstasy is a drug that appeals to a huge range of people but there are so many negative elements attached to it, it requires a lot of thought and consideration about using the product.

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