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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Teenage Addiction to Alcohol and Drugs Equal to Bad Habit

Author: Nyamache

Have you ever wondered if teenage addiction to alcohol and drugs equal to bad habit? Yes, it is true that it's a bad habit that is not only endangering their physical health but also their mental health. Nations are losing man power as a result of this bad habit. If you look at the model of it the proof is staggering.

Take for instance the bad habits of smoking, people who engage in this activity feel quite persecuted. At the moment the practice is not illegal but society as a whole have decided to shun those who partake.
Not that long ago teenagers could smoke just about everywhere, including hospitals! There were instances even fathers would light up in the waiting room while their wives were in labor. This began to change and they could only smoke is specific rooms. It did not take long before smoking was only allowed in specific areas outside of the building.

Today you will find bars, restaurants, motels and even cities that are completely smoke free. This has forced teenagers who are addicted to give up the bad habit, and truthfully, they no longer remember how bad the addiction was.

To protect others from the health risks of second hand smoke, many smokers have started using smokeless tobacco products. Even though there is no smoke involved the nicotine in these products is still highly addictive.

Would you believe that sleeping pills are another example of bad habits? Over time, teenagers become so addicted in that they need more and more of the drug to fall asleep. After awhile the pills will not help and many may even overdose trying to get to sleep. This type of teenage addiction usually requires the help of a doctor or sleep clinic to fix.

Drinking alcohol to excess is another teenage addiction. If they're medically or physically impaired, it can be extremely risky for them to consume alcohol. Certain medications do not mix well with alcohol. Of course, if they're addicted to alcohol these warnings will fall on deaf ears.

A very dangerous variety of teenage addiction is drugs. The number of illegal drugs available at any given moment are too numerous to even count. Each drug will have differing effects. They always quickly and devastate their health. Some of the drugs are not as bad in the short term. Overall, they are still bad habits.

You can find the recreational type drugs such as heroin, cocaine, LCD, Ecstasy and other hallucinogens. The effects and addictive qualities of these so-called club drugs are nasty. On the other hand, some teenagers find themselves addicted to prescription remedies for common ailments. Drugs such as muscle relaxants and painkillers are addictive bad habits.

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  1. Perhaps most teenagers become addicted to drugs and alcohol due to peer pressure. Another possible reason is that they simply can't handle their problems at school and at home. For me, the best way to bring them away from those vices is to encourage their parents to speak up with their dilemmas and to choose their group of friends carefully.

    Carolin Newmeyer