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Friday, November 25, 2011

Stopping Drug Addiction

One thing you might recognize is that the drug addiction of prescription and non-prescription medicines miter. In fact, abuse or addiction to prescription drugs provides the most common these days. This may actually be due to their ease of availability and low cost they go on. Regardless of the fact that most of these drugs fall under the category of controlled drugs, they are not only from physicians but also from the drugstore and illegal sale and streets.

Whether one is addicted to prescription or non-prescription drugs, abuse is always characterized by the resistance of the regulations a qualified physician. It would actually take the medication for reasons other than those for which the drug was prescribed or against the requirements of a qualified physician.

Addiction begins with the development of psychic or physical dependence on a particular drug. Now it is important to understand that any drug or non-prescription or prescription will always produce physical dependence. This is a situation where the individual starts craving for the drug and would not feel normal if he or she does not take the drug or stays too long. It is important to recognize that physical dependence does not necessarily imply that the individual has become addicted to drugs or abuse of the drug. It implies only that the normal functioning of body systems and especially the brains and central nervous system have become dependent on the presence of the drug.

If the person continues taking the drug, there is the possibility of developing tolerance (chemical tolerance). This stems from the deposits of the drug residue to build up in the body. This person would realize that the drug is ineffective especially in bringing the first securities. These are the feelings of euphoria, relieve pain, suppress cough, alleviate fever or any other reason for which the drug was consumed. To achieve these effects, the individual needs to take more of the drug.

One thing that you need to recognize is that as much as the chemical tolerance and physical dependence does not indicate that the individual is addicted to or abuse of the drug, it certainly could lead to addiction if the individual continues to increase the amount of drug consumed. This is because the chemicals gradually build up tolerance which means that the individual would have to continually increase the amount. Eventually, the individual may eventually overdose on the substance or drug.

In most cases, it is very difficult to determine the cause and consequence of drug addiction. You could never determine the cause of another, for example, depression has lead to alcohol and drug abuse or drug addiction did cause depression? However, one thing you might recognize is that the effects of alcohol and drug abuse every aspect of the life of an individual, be it behavioral, psychological, mental capacity, family life and even health miter. Actually, health and mental aspects are most affected by chance.

Different effects of drug addiction primarily depending on the amount and nature of the drug, the time over which the drug is taken as both the health of the individual. You will acknowledge that the effects worse or more severe when a person is a drug abuse.

Looking at the physiological effects, the drug can lead to serious consequences for individuals, whole body system. Initially, drug effects such as physiological effects, such as blood pressure, irregular breathing, sudden weight loss or gain and an increased heart rate. In the long term, the effects actually happen more seriously. The most common long term effects of drug abuse include heart disease, brain damage, lung disease and arthritis. In cases where individuals share syringes used in drug injection, there is potential for HIV / AIDS.

About the social and psychological effects of drug addiction, you will recognize that the individual has no control over matter. In such scenarios, if a person does not consume the drug, he or she was so restless, anxious and depressed increase the desire for drug.Given the high cost of some of these drugs, the individual can find it difficult to keep up the price and therefore resorted to steal and other unethical behaviors such as prostitution. Actually drug was touted as one of the main causes of high crime. Given that the individual, all efforts are focused on achieving the substance, he or she would be hard pressed to fulfill their obligations at work or in the family. In most cases, prefer to keep the addicts themselves and to behavioral changes such as extreme irritability, mood swings and irritability. Taken to fulfill these drugs to the normal functioning of the brains and central nervous system, the individual reduced mental and physical capacity.

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