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Monday, May 9, 2011

Dangers of Meth

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Initial Pleasures: Meth produces a multitude of euphoria that initially affects can promote their use. The most alluring to many is an extra energy. The drug seems to lend an extraordinary amount of PEP to users who appreciate the boost. Another advantage is the abnormal growth and voracious sexual appetite, which in part explains the popularity of the drug in gay bars, discos, saunas and other places that promote sex and socializing.

Horrible Affects: However, with prolonged use, these pleasures initials disappear and are replaced by the terrible pain that addiction brings only. meth is stronger today than ever, and as a result, meth addicts of today are scattered worse. Meth addicts will pull the hair and nails in excitement as they wait for another dose. Equally shocking is how the prolonged use of methamphetamine users reveals the same joys as derived from the drug. The first thing to go is the sex drive improved. This is replaced by apathy and disinterest in sex. The women report an inability to climax users, menstrual problems and infertility. Men also lose their sexual desire, become impotent and sometimes even develop breasts.

It affects more: Other effects include insomnia, depression, aggression, paranoia, compulsive behavior (biting nails, cleaning, scraping) and hallucinations. Some common methods of reporting drug hallucination is the sensation that your skin is covered with tiny insects. The ultimate effect feeds the urge to scratch compulsively.

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Terrible Errors: Aside from those horrible affects, most meth heads simply lose their common sense. In the agony of addiction, terrible mistakes are made. Meth addicts often lose their lives to drug overdoses or fatalities every day, like car accidents that result from senses blunted. Hygiene is always affected and meth addicts are often exposed to the same diseases as heroin addicts and other drug users who share needles, ranging from hepatitis to HIV and other bloodborne diseases.

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Hideous Appearance: methamphetamine addicts also have a look ghastly. sunken cheeks, dull eyes, yellowing skin, teeth and hair are all addicted to the look truly horrible. A person who has been on a buying spree with the drug for a time is immediately identified by these attractive features.

Adverse effect on infant: Another affect meth is scary about the babies of mothers who breastfeed. If a breastfeeding mother uses methamphetamine, the adverse effect on the baby can be addictive. Methamphetamine is secreted in the placenta and breast milk comes in, causing some children to experience withdrawal symptoms.

Dangerous Meth Labs: The horrors of meth addiction are truly horrible. The worst is that meth use hurts even those who do not use the drug themselves. Families are constantly injured and often broken by substance abuse of someone close to them. Much less direct, is the danger for those entering a former meth lab. meth labs are dangerous places long after the creators of methamphetamine has a vacated site. odors and gases can stay and still be dangerous to anyone entering the home.

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