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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Types of Drugs

Narcotics have many types and kinds are often abused by addicts. Narcotics include such opium / opiates, morphine, heroin, cocaine, marijuana / cannabis, codeine and synthetic opiates. The following are the types of Narcotics are accompanied by understanding the meaning of the definition.

 1. Opiates / Opium
Opiates or opium is a powder that is produced directly by plants named Poppy / Papaver somniferum which is forbidden in the powder contained a very good morphine for pain relief and codeine which serves as an antitussive drug.

2. Morphine

Morphine in is alkoloida which is the result of extraction and isolation of opium with certain chemical substances for pain relief or hipnoanalgetik for patients with certain diseases. The impact or effect of the use of morphine that are negative make use of morphine is replaced with other drugs that have the same functionality but friendly for the wearer.

  3. Heroin

Heroin is a descendant of morphine or opioda semisintatik with chemical processes that can lead to dependence / addiction that doubled as compared with morphine. Heroin is used by the users are stupid by injecting heroin into muscle, skin / sub-cutaneous or veins.

4. Codeine

Codeine is a type of cough medicine that is used by doctors, but can cause dependence / addiction effects so that its circulation is restricted and closely monitored.

5. Synthetic Opiates / Synthetics

Types of drugs derived from opiates such as methadone artificial, petidin and dektropropoksiven (distalgesic) which has a function as a painkiller. Methadone is useful to cure addiction to opium / opiates in the form of white powder. Synthesis to give the effect of opiates such as heroin, but less cause addiction / addiction. However, because the manufacture is difficult, artificial opiates are rarely circulated among non-medical.

6. Cocaine / Cocaine hydrochloride

Cocaine is a white crystalline powder derived from the extraction and isolation of coca leaves (coca erythoroxylon) which can be a stimulant to the nervous connection with the method / technique taken by mixing it with drinks, such as cigarettes smoked, injected into a vein, inhaled from the nose with a small pipe, and various other methods.
Enjoyment using cocaine is felt only briefly, ie for 1 to 4 minutes like a merry pleasure, plus confident, excited, add energy and stamina, success, and others. After 20 minutes all the good feeling was gone instantly turned into feeling tired / fatigue, mental depression and addiction to use it again, again and again until death.
Psychological or spiritual mental effects that can result from continuous use of cocaine are: 

- High Blood 
- Insomnia
- The ball becomes small eye 
- Loss of appetite / skinny 
- Heart beat so fast
- Stupefied moment, and so forth

7. Marijuana / Cannabis

Marijuana is a plant bush / shrub that grows wild in the forest where the leaves, flowers, and cannabis seeds serves to overcome the relaxant and mild poisoning (mild intoxication).
Substance sap marijuana / THC (delta-9 tetra hidrocannabinol) a dry called hashish, while if released into oil kanabasis. Oil is often used as a mixture of rolled tobacco or tobacco-called cimenk, cimeng, cimenx, joint, spleft, and so forth.
Cannabis can cause a calming effect / relaxation. People who had used cannabis or marijuana has the following characteristics:
- Intoxicated / drunk with red eyes.
- The body limp and tired. 
- The ball eyes become large.

For users of cannabis, aka marijuana, although it does not matter much cause adverse effects to the physical and mental, such as: 

- The ability of reduced concentration. 
- Power reduced brain nerve capture. 
- Blurred vision / dizzy.
 - The supply of blood circulation to the heart is reduced.

What is important for the addict marijuana is tasty and delicious effect a pseudo-world such as: 

- Sense of joy. 
- Believe in yourself / confident increased rapidly. 
- Be sensitive to the sound.


  1. nice article sob,, keep posting

  2. The info on cannabis is wrong,
    Firstly because you can NOT get addicted to the herb as it doesn't have any addictive compounds in it. statistically per 100'000 people there is a higher abuse for cocain, amphetamines, pain killers, tobbacco, alcohole, coffee and then cannabis.!

    cannabis has a lower rate of abuse per users then coffee.
    Before one talks of a plant as if it were the devils harvest is wrongly informed but also a lier.

    What do you think a kid does when he gets told that cannabis is just as bad as crack cocain or crystal meth, and then he finds out the truth about cannabis he then realized or (thinks) he has been lyed to about all drugs and thinks that they are all equally as bad/good as cannabis.

    prohibition is creating more drug addicts at lower ages because the pot dealers are also selling MDMA and herion. We do NOT need out kids being associated around crack and MDMA but it is important to educate correctly in order to not reap the negative consequences stated above.